2021 SERD & SDN Membership

The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes is delighted to announce a reciprocal arrangement with our French société-soeur, the Société des Études Romantiques et Dix-Neuviémistes (SERD).

Beginning in 2021, members of SDN can opt to pay an annual supplement of £10, which will give them full membership of SERD: they will receive the SERD’s annual publication, Le Magazine du XIXe siècle, as well as the Société’s electronic newsletter. Members under the reciprocal arrangement will also have voting rights at the SERD Annual General Meeting.

SDN is now accepting new members for the calendar year 2021. The membership fee for the calendar year is £40, with a concession rate of £25. The concession rate is available for postgraduates, retired members, members not in full-time employment and members of low income countries and newly emerging economies. Membership gives free personal online access to the Society’s journal Dix-Neuf, together with regular Members’ Newsletters, voting rights in the Society’s Annual General Meeting, preferential conference rates and access to sound recordings of the plenary sessions in the secure Members’ Area of the website. Submissions by members may be considered for the SDN Publication Prize.

Please click here to access membership information, including a membership form, or contact the Membership Secretary, Áine Larkin (a.larkin@abdn.ac.uk) for more details. Current members wishing to take out the supplementary SERD membership should also contact Áine.

2020 SDN Prize Winners

2020 Winner: Shaena B. Weitz

We are delighted to congratulate Shaena B. Weitz on winning the 2020 SDN Publication prize, for her article, entitled ‘Propaganda and Reception in Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism: Maurice Schlesinger, Henri Herz, and the Gazette musicale, which appeared in Nineteenth Century Music, 43.1 (2019), 38-60.

Congratulations also go to Liesl Yamaguchi who is highly commended for her article ‘Sensuous Linguistics: On Saussure’s Synaesthesia’ in New Literary History, 50.1 (2019), 23-42.


2019 SDN Prize Winners

The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes is delighted to announce that the winner of the SDN Publication Prize for 2019, which is awarded for the best journal article published by a postgraduate student, or an early-career researcher who has not yet entered their first permanent full-time post.

On  our  winning  entry,  the  judges  commented  that  this  is  a  ‘really  sophisticated piece  of  writing,  demonstrating  both  depth  and  breadth  in  its  critical engagement  with  one  of  Balzac’s  more  difficult  novels.  It  challenges conventional  critical  wisdom  about  Balzac  in  interesting  and  illuminating  ways, notably  in  its  suggestion  that  his  work  can  be  less  ‘lisible’  than  it  is  usually considered  to  be.  The  engagement  with  literary  theory  and  history  was  lucid and  confident.  I  think  it  is  an  important  piece  of  writing.’


The  publication  prize  is  awarded  to:  Rebecca  Sugden  for  her  article,  ‘Terre(ur): Reading  the  Landscape  of  Conspiracy  in  Balzac’s  Une  ténébreuse  affaire’, published  in  Nineteenth  Century  French  Studies

The  judges  also  wish  to  highly  commend  the  runner  up:  Max  McGuinness  for  his article  ‘Literature  and  ‘Universel  Reportage’  in  Mallarmé’s  ‘Livre’  published  in Dix-Neuf.

img_3322-e1556614290188.jpgThe winner of the SDN Postgraduate Essay Prize for 2019, awarded by the Executive Committee for the best paper submitted in advance of the conference, is Beatrice  Fagan,  University  of  Kent, for her paper, ‘Reading  the  female  body:  Medical  exploration  of  criminal abortion’, which is a promising and important contribution.


Félicitations to our winners!

2018 SDN Prize Winners

The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes is delighted to announce that the winner of the SDN Publication Prize for 2018, for the best article published by a postgraduate or early-career member of the SDN in the course of 2017, is Charlotte Bentley, who took her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her article, entitled ‘The Race for Robert and Other Rivalries: Negotiating the Local and (Inter)National in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans’, published in The Cambridge Opera Journal, draws on a wide array of critical and archival sources to explore the role of grand opera in New Orleans culture and its importance to the city’s cultural aspirations in the 1830s; in so doing, it offers original perspectives on interactions between the Francophone and Anglophone communities and on theatrical rivalries in the city.

The winner of the SDN Postgraduate Essay Prize for 2018, awarded by the Executive Committee for the best paper submitted in advance of the conference, is Rebecca Sugden, also of the University of Cambridge, for her paper, ‘« Cette mystérieuse Révolution » : George Sand’s Secret History of 1789’, which was judged to be a dense, intricate, very well researched and virtually publishable piece of work.

Congratulations to both!

NEW Editors of Dix-Neuf

The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes is delighted to announce the appointment of Masha Belenky and Larry Duffy as Editors of Dix-Neuf to replace Helen Abbott and Cheryl Krueger who have now stepped down from their editorial roles. Masha and Larry will work alongside Andrew Watts as General Editors to take the journal forward to the next stage of its development.

Speaking about these appointments, SDN President Nigel Harkness commented: ‘We are absolutely delighted to be welcoming Masha and Larry to the editorial team leading Dix-Neuf. At the same time, we pay tribute to the work done by Helen and Cheryl in leading the journal, particularly during its transfer to Taylor and Francis. Masha and Larry bring extensive and complementary experience to the role of editor, and we are confident that with Andrew, they will form a dynamic team who will ensure the continued success and further develop the potential of Dix-Neuf as a leading journal in the field.’

Belenky photo

Masha Belenky is Associate Professor of French at the George Washington University. Her research and teaching focus on nineteenth-century French popular literature and culture, the novel, cultural studies, and urban studies. She is the author of The Anxiety of Dispossession: Jealousy in Nineteenth-Century French Culture (Bucknell UP), and co-editor, with Rachel Mesch, of a special number of Dix-Neuf titled State of the Union: Marriage in Nineteenth-Century France. Her articles have appeared in Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Dix-Neuf, Romance Studies, and Dalhousie French Studies. Most recently she has co-edited French Cultural Studies in the 21st Century (Delaware UP), a volume of essays that examine newest approaches to popular culture. Her current book project focuses on the relationship between early mass transit and popular culture and ways in which they shaped the concept of modernity in nineteenth-century France. She is delighted to be joining the editorial team of Dix-Neuf, a journal she had long admired.


Larry Duffy is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Kent. His research interests lie in the interplay between literary, scientific, and medical discourses in nineteenth-century France. Recent and forthcoming publications include journal articles on medical and pharmaceutical themes in the works of Flaubert, Zola and Huysmans, and on Michel Houellebecq’s latter-day articulation of nineteenth-century preoccupations. His monograph Flaubert, Zola and the Incorporation of Disciplinary Knowledge was published by Palgrave in 2015.


Publication Prize:


31 JANUARY 2017

More info here: https://uksdn.wordpress.com/sdn-publication-prize/


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We are pleased to announce that Dr Andrew Watts has been appointed as the new co-edior of Dix-Neuf, the Society’s journal. He will be joining the other editors, Professor Helen Abbott and Dr Cheryl Krueger, very soon. Congratulations!
Let us take this occasion to thank Professor Nigel Harkness for his brilliant work on the journal.