2018 SDN Prize Winners

The Society of Dix-Neuviémistes is delighted to announce that the winner of the SDN Publication Prize for 2018, for the best article published by a postgraduate or early-career member of the SDN in the course of 2017, is Charlotte Bentley, who took her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Her article, entitled ‘The Race for Robert and Other Rivalries: Negotiating the Local and (Inter)National in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans’, published in The Cambridge Opera Journal, draws on a wide array of critical and archival sources to explore the role of grand opera in New Orleans culture and its importance to the city’s cultural aspirations in the 1830s; in so doing, it offers original perspectives on interactions between the Francophone and Anglophone communities and on theatrical rivalries in the city.

The winner of the SDN Postgraduate Essay Prize for 2018, awarded by the Executive Committee for the best paper submitted in advance of the conference, is Rebecca Sugden, also of the University of Cambridge, for her paper, ‘« Cette mystérieuse Révolution » : George Sand’s Secret History of 1789’, which was judged to be a dense, intricate, very well researched and virtually publishable piece of work.

Congratulations to both!


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