Aller(s) – Retour(s), Bristol, 2009

SDN 2009 at the University of Bristol

March 27th to March 29th


The Seventh Annual Conference of the SDN was held at the University of Bristol.

The conference programme can be downloaded here (PDF):

Call For Papers (now closed)

We invite proposals for papers treating aspects of the conference theme in relation to nineteenth-century French and Francophone culture, history and art history. Proposals for individual papers or for panels should be addressed by email, by 31st October 2008, to the Conference Officer, at the following address:

Postgraduates whose papers are accepted for the conference will be eligible to submit their paper for consideration for the prestigious SDN Postgraduate Prize, awarded for the best postgraduate conference paper submitted.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Modes of transport (road, rail, water, air; aircraft, balloon, carriage, car, train, horseback, foot, bicycle)
Adventure and travel literatures
Holidaying vs. trekking: first tourists and great explorers
Nature and the elements
The road less travelled: travel and marginalisation
The wanderers: circus people, gypsies, peddlers and vagrants
Encounters, correspondence, gifts and cultural/literary exchange
Going towards /against the other: orientalism and exoticism
Travel machines, travel of the future, time travel
Underground and underwater travel
Involuntary journeys (exile, deportation, kidnappings…)
Perpetual motion
Tripping: drug-induced journeys
Inner spaces, mind travel
Spasms, twitches, obsessive-compulsive and other abnormal movements
The iconography of movement (sculpture, maps, photographs, paintings…)
Travel and knowledge: geology, geography, meteorology, cartography, anthropology…
Dance, poetry and music as/in movement
The dynamic vs. the static
Accidents, blockages and stasis
Textual traffic: textual mutation, adaptation and return
Home sweet home : literary representations of domestic life