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VOLUME 22. 1&2

Allison Deutsch

The Flesh of Painting: Caillebotte’s Modern Olympia

Helen Craske

Desire and the demi-vierge: The Impenetrable Ideal in Decadent Fiction

Sherri Rose

‘Que cherchent-ils au Ciel?’: Seeing with the Blind in Bruegel, Baudelaire and Maeterlinck

Janice Jaye Best

Power and Propaganda: Theatrical Representations of Napoleon Bonaparte During the Second Empire

Raisa Rexer

Nana in the Nude: Zola and Early Nude Photography

Michael Rosenfeld

Gay Taboos in 1900 Brussels: The Literary, Journalistic and Private Debate Surrounding Georges Eekhoud’s Novel Escal-Vigor

Madeleine Chalmers

Voice and Presence in L’Ève future and Le Surmâle

Ève Morisi

Baudelaire’s Death Penalty: Mapping an Imaginaire