Dirt and Debris, Birmingham, 2011

SDN 2011 at the University of Birmingham

April 7th to April 9th


The Ninth Annual Conference of the SDN was held at the University of Birmingham.

The conference programme (PDF) and photos of the conference can be viewed here:

Photo Gallery

Call For Papers (now closed)

We invite proposals for papers treating aspects of the conference theme in relation to nineteenth-century French and Francophone culture, history and art history. Proposals for individual papers or for panels should be addressed by email, by 31st October 2010, to Dr Andrew Watts, SDN Conference Organiser, at the following address:

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Gossip, scandal and dishing the dirt
Personal disgrace and stained reputations
Pornography and erotic literature
Wrecks and ruins
Scents and smells
Textual debris (pre-texts, discarded work, uncompleted manuscripts)
Crime and underworlds
The earth/soil and its products
Innocence, virtue and purity
War debris and the aftermath of battle
Diseases, infections and bodily dirt
Flotsam, jetsam and marine debris
Hygiene obsessions
Clean slates: generosity and forgiveness