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Nineteenth-century French studies opens out onto multiple fields of enquiry and areas of knowledge. Dix-Neuf’s interdisciplinary focus reflects this and seeks to promote wide-ranging critical and theoretical debate. Since methods of working and of sharing ideas have undergone radical transformations over the last decade, this journal looks forward in terms of its mode of delivery. Dix-Neuf capitalises on the possibilities of e-publishing, with all the advantages that it offers, while maintaining the traditional hallmarks of good scholarship – thorough refereeing, meticulous editing, rigorously enforced standards of presentation and referencing. The Journal provides a forum for cutting-edge research in nineteenth-century French and francophone studies in all relevant disciplines, and we welcome submissions from researchers working on the literature, history, philosophy, culture, society, art, music, fashion and journalism of the period.

Dix-Neuf was established as an e-journal in 2003, and since 2016 has been part of the catalogue of Taylor & Francis Online. The Journal publishes 4 numbers per year. Full tables of contents of articles published can be accessed here.

In addition to publishing ‘open’ numbers each year, the Journal also publishes at least one annual themed issue, often with a guest editor. Recent ‘Special Issues’ have been devoted to Flânerie and the Senses (Guest Editor: Aimée Boutin), Banville (Guest Editor: David Evans) and Ecopoetic/L’Écopoétique (Guest Editors: Daniel A. Finch-Race and Julien Weber).

The editors welcome individual article submissions and proposals for future special numbers of the Journal (these should include a brief outline of the proposed number and a list of intended contributors). The editors (Masha BelenkyLarry Duffy, and Andrew Watts ) welcome submissions online here

You may contact the editors at: dixneufjournal@gmail.com