Editorial and Advisory Boards

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The Editors

The General Editors are nominated by the Executive Committee of SDN. They are Helen Abbott, University of Sheffield (UK), Nigel Harkness, Newcastle University (UK) and Cheryl Krueger, University of Virginia (USA).

You may contact the editors at: dixneufjournal@gmail.com

The Advisory and Editorial Boards

The Boards represent the broad spectrum of interests in the field and the intellectual and international profile of the journal.

Advisory Board

Janet Beizer (Harvard University, USA); Antoine Compagnon (Collège de France, France); Philippe Hamon (Université Paris III–Sorbonne-Nouvelle, France); Rosemary Lloyd (Indiana University Bloomington, USA); Henri Mitterand (Columbia University, USA); Jacques Neefs (Johns Hopkins University, USA); Christopher Prendergast (University of Cambridge, UK); Roger Pearson (University of Oxford, UK); Patricia Mainardi (City University of New York, USA); Sonya Stephens (Mount Holyoke College)

Editorial Board

Susan Harrow (University of Bristol, UK); Melanie Hawthorne (Texas A&M University, USA); Catherine Nesci (University of California Santa Barbara, USA); Mary Orr (University of Southampton, UK); Willa Silverman (Pennsylvania State University, USA); Bradley Stevens (University of Bristol, UK); Mary-Eve Thérenty (Université Monpellier 3–Paul Valéry, France); Timothy Unwin (University of Bristol, UK); Alexandra Wettlaufer (University of Texas at Austin, USA); Nicholas White (University of Cambridge, UK); Jennifer Yee (University of Oxford, UK)