Institutions and Power, Cambridge, 2007

SDN 2007 at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

March 27th to March 29th


The Fifth Annual Conference of the SDN was held at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.

The conference programme and abstracts can be downloaded here (PDF):

Call For Papers (now closed)

We invite proposals for papers treating aspects of the conference theme, to be interpreted as widely as possible.

The following list of topics may serve as inspiration:

The division / association between Church and State
Military institutions and their representations
Administrating France: civil servants and bureaucrats
Social structures / social authority
The politics of power: governing bodies, democracy and tyranny
Money and power: banks, stock exchange and other financial institutions
The institution of marriage
Across the borders: France and its colonies
The authority of the law: ruling and legislating
Schools and universities as shapers of beliefs
The power of literature / the press
Literary representations of power
Potency / Impotence
Contestation, resistance and conflict
A history of power: monarchy, revolution, slavery
Salons, women and power
The power of practitioners: medicine and psychiatry
The battle of the sexes: feminists movements and patriarchal attitudes
Sexual science and the making of the modern subject
Artistic / generic battles of supremacy: music vs. poetry vs. art criticism, novel vs. short story, etc.