Memories in/of the Nineteenth Century, Manchester, 2008

SDN 2008 at Manchester University

March 25th to March 27th


The Sixth Annual Conference of the SDN was held at Manchester University.

The conference programme and abstracts can be downloaded here (PDF):

Call For Papers (now closed)

The following list of topics may serve as inspiration:

In memory of Gérard de Nerval, Honoré Daumier, Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly (b. 1808), Courteline (b. 1858), Zola (ashes transferred to the Panthéon in 1908)
Memory and intertextuality: adaptations, subsequent re-readings and rewritings of the 19th century
The memento: photograph, album, scrapbook, keepsake
Storing data: archives, private/public collections, the role of the collectionneur
Individual/collective memory: History, memory and commemoration
Remembering the self/remembering the other: memory and colonial history
Witnessing: memory and testimony
Renowned chroniques and mémoires (ex. Mémoires d’outre-tombe, Mémoires de la vie littéraire)
Autobiography and childhood memories
Literary representations of memory/memories
« The first time and the key moment »: unique and paramount memories
Remembering and narrating: framed narratives, narrators et narratees
Lieux de mémoire: museums, monuments, etc.
Memory, medicine and psychiatry
Memory, dream, trace and index
Memory loss