Pleasure and pain, Edinburgh, 2006

SDN 2006 at the University of Edinburgh

March 30th to April 1st


The Fourth Annual Conference of the SDN was held at the University of Edinburgh.

The conference programme can be downloaded here (PDF):

Call For Papers (now closed)

The following list of topics may serve as inspiration:

Institutionalizing pleasure and pain: the medical & legal gazes
The influence of Sade on the nineteenth century
Les affres du style
Ambiguous pleasures in the fin de siècle
The pleasure of pain in the mal du siècle
Pain and the Orient / pleasures of the Exotic
The pleasures of the table
The sadomasochistic imaginary
Texts of pleasure and texts of jouissance
The pains of writing / the pleasures of reading
Desire, dreaming and melancholy
Guilty pleasures
Painful silences, painful memories
Confessions and memoirs
The iconography of pain
Poeticizing pain; punctuating pleasure (or vice versa)
Terror, torture and tyranny
The social construction of leisure
The pleasures of music