SDN Publication Prize


One of the chief aims of SDN is to promote and disseminate new linguistic, literary, historical, cultural, philosophical, and comparative perspectives on nineteenth-century French and Francophone studies. The Society awards an annual prize for the best journal article published by a postgraduate student, or an early-career researcher who has not yet entered her or his first permanent full-time post.

The competition is open to postgraduates and early-career members of the Society of any nationality and includes a cash prize of £300 and mentions on the SDN website and social media. The winner will be invited to receive her or his award at a reception during the Society’s annual conference.

Eligible candidates are invited to submit peer-reviewed journal articles published during the year 2019. To be eligible to submit an article for the prize, candidates must be either postgraduate students or early-career researchers who have not yet entered her or his first permanent full-time post at the point of submission.

Submissions may be on any topic related to French and francophone nineteenth-century studies. They must be in English or in French and may have been published anywhere in the world. After submission, essays will be reviewed and ranked by members of the SDN committee. Submissions will be opened at the end of 2019 for the 2020 prize. Submissions will have to be accompanied by a statement which includes complete publication details of the published article and an explanation of where and when the candidate’s PhD was awarded. Candidates must attach to this email a copy of the published article in PDF form.


Winner: Rebecca  Sugden,  ‘Terre(ur): Reading  the  Landscape  of  Conspiracy  in  Balzac’s  Une  ténébreuse  affaire’,  Nineteenth  Century  French  Studies, 47.1-2 (Fall-Winter 2018-2019), 48-65.
Highly commended: Max  McGuinness,  ‘Literature  and  ‘Universel  Reportage’  in  Mallarmé’s  ‘Livre’’, Dix-Neuf, 21.4 (2017), 361-377.
Winner: Charlotte Bentley, ‘The Race for Robert and Other Rivalries: Negotiating the Local and (Inter)National in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans’, The Cambridge Opera, 29.1 (March 2017), 94-112.
Winner: Valery Rion, ‘Villes méduséennes, cités fantomatiques et photographiques : entre présence et absence’, S. & R., no 41, printemps 2016, 15-30.


Winner: Claire White, ‘Sensuous Communism: Sand with Marx’, Comparative Literature, 67 (2015), 62-78.
Highly commended: Philippa Lewis, ‘Une sympathie quittée’: Holiday Friendships and Flaubert’s Voyage en Égypte, The Modern Language Review, 110.1 (January 2015), 104-120.
Highly commended: Robert St. Clair, ‘Écrire, la main dans la main: de la fleur parodique au communisme littéraire : Le sonnet du trou du cul’, Parade Sauvage, 25 (215), 69-104.